Old Timber Floor Repairs

If you have timber floors in your home, chances are you will at some stage need to consider old timber floor repairs and maintenance in Embleton. Though polished old timber floors are much easier to maintain than rug, they still need slight fixes and repairs along the way. We find that the consistent issues that rise include scratches caused by rocks or sand in shoes and water damage. All of these complications can be fixed, but most home owners have modest experience in doing so the right way. Our old timber floor repairs service has been settled to assist property owners with this frustrating and irritating issue all over in Embleton.

If you are worried that your floorboards are too damaged to be polished, keep calm and call RJ & DA Ansell Floor Sanding. To get damaged floors up to mark, we repair broken boards, replace flooring damaged by termites and fix broken and split boards. We also prep the floorboards for sanding and polishing. In addition to rug removal, we remove glue and paint stains. If there are any stains caused by pets, we can remove these as well. As a leader in floor sanding and polishing service we inspect client’s floorboards and conduct any maintenance that are required to get them looking perfect.

RJ & DA Ansell Floor Sanding maintains to get the best old timber floor repairs results every time we work for you. With our repair and services, we make sure everything is ready to go. Experts here take pride in every service provided to clients on time and on budget.

If your floor needs to be repaired, give the experts a chance. Professionals here can repair any job, big or small. All repairs are completed with expert skill and care. Once our job is done, you won’t be able to see where the damage was. We can offer you great guidance and product suggestions to maintain the beautiful finish of your old floor.  For cost effective old timber floor repairs and products, call us.